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May 10, 2016
Emergence of AI, AR and VR in Saudi Arabia
September 22, 2019

Emerging Technological Trends in Saudi Arabia and Its Industrial Sector

The age we live in now is the age of technological marvels that entice us with their sophisticated yet simple design. All the countries of the world are competing to achieve the most comprehensive innovations that will secure them a place in the technological hall of fame.

This need of technology has also manifested itself in the minds of Middle Eastern parties and Saudi Arabia is leading the cause with innovations that are master class. Nestled in a natural area of oil reserves, Saudi Arabia is emerging as a growing reinforce of technological giants.

Many esteemed companies with strong technological and industrial backgrounds are supporting the country for its endeavors and this has resulted in Saudi Arabia emerging as the 17th strongest GDP in the world according to the site. The main reason for this astounding growth remains in the encouragement of Saudi-based entrepreneurs that have contributed a lot to this advancement called SMEs (Small or Medium-based Enterprise).

They have a pivotal role in the technological advancements forgoing in the country. This is what’s strengthening the Saudi economy and is making the country a key contender in the race for technological advancements.

The main reasons and steps taken by the Saudi government to promote advancing and wonders in technology are as follows:

  1. Human-Machine linkage:

The growing need of manual labor far transcends the need of machines but this trend might not last long. As the world is progressing however manual labor’s flaws are becoming more and more evident and the problems associated with this are beginning to exploit themselves. This need is being managed efficiently by the Saudi government as they are investing millions into research and factories associated with robotics. Rigid programming models and workable sets are being constructed rapidly to meet the need of Saudi industries.

  1. Support for 5G, Smart Cities:

The need of fast track systems that provide good net speed and that can be relied upon are a necessity of the modern world. Thankfully, this necessity is being considered and we are being provided with the pinnacle of smoother browsing speed, 5G. The increasing number of broadband users and subscribers is the main reason for the need of 5G. 5G is one of the finest examples of technological advancement and it is no surprise that the Middle Eastern countries are one of the first recipients of this marvelous technology. Companies like Etisalat and Ooredoo are investing heavily in 5G. The Middle Eastern people with their growing population are in need of settlements that can provide shelter for every person in the country so it is of no surprise that the community is putting forth innovative smart cities that can cater to every humane need and are also a profitable and worthwhile form of expenditure. Energy problems and congestion of traffic are the main reasons for the need of smart cities.

  1. Cloud and Block chain technologies:

The process of storing information can be a challenge if one does not have the necessary space for the storage of his/her files. As such the innovation of Cloud is a lifesaver and can be very helpful for storing of office related data and/or personal information. The Cloud software gives our data space to stay online and is a gigantic help to industries and businesses for the storage of records of payments, transactions among others. Heads of a certain organization can also control the flow of data and can implement restrictions in the use of the Cloud. Block chain is a type of distributed ledger that helps reduce costs of real-world currencies by providing an online platform that deals in virtual currencies. Currencies such as Bit coin, Ripple and Ethereum are gaining popularity rapidly in Middle East and their retail prices are going sky high. This is contributing to the correct advancement of technology and is very important for futuristic developments.

  1. QC (Quantum Computing):

Quantum Computing is a branch of computing that deals with the transfer of data at sub-atomic level e.g. electrons, protons. This allows the solution of otherwise complex problems to be a breeze and is a major advance in technology. Information is transferred in qubits and they are widely used in pharmaceuticals, military, research and financial organizations. In pharmaceutical companies, QC is being used to conduct research on molecular interactions in the case of cancer to allow drugs to be manufactured that combat cancer.


We can easily identify from the above statements that technology is a staple part of life and that the Middle Eastern nations are heavily emphasizing on the need of technological advancements in the world and the trends ongoing for technology are being closely followed by Saudi Arabia for the betterment of technology.

This program is largely supported by the Saudi 2030 Vision at which time the King will identify the parts of growth in technology and will implement measures that will benefit Saudi Arabia as a whole. The world is witnessing the dawn of a Saudi Arabian technological revolution and is anticipating the day the Saudis will be one of the strongest countries in terms of technological advancements.

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