Emergence of AI, AR and VR in Saudi Arabia
September 22, 2019
Rising trend of online marketing in Saudi Arabia
Rising trend of online marketing in Saudi Arabia
October 14, 2019

Top 5 mobile apps that make our life easier in 2019

Top 5 mobile apps saudi arabia

Use of mobile apps in Saudi Arabia.

Living in one of the most developed countries around the globe, residents of Saudi Arabia rely heavily on internet and mobile apps for daily life. Mobile apps have made life a lot easier. If you have a smartphone you can easily install the apps and make things convenient for you. From paying bills, to ordering food you can accomplish any task within a few clicks. Following are some of the many mobile apps that have made life a lot more comfortable in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

Top 5 mobile apps that make our life easier in 2019 in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Absher: absher-app-saudi

Living in Saudi Arabia this is one of the must have mobile apps. It has been developed by Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia to assist the citizens of the country in government services. All the issues such as job applications, passport registration, Hajj permits and crime reports can be submitted thorugh this mobile app.

The app is extremely popular among the residents of Saudi Arabia having more than 11 million subscribers. It is available in both English and Arabic language to assist the users and let them make the most out of the app.

  1. Google Maps: google-maps-app-saudi

The most popular navigation app around the world, Google Maps have great popularity in the Saudi Arabian market as well. Within seconds you get the best route to any destination regardless of you have been there before or not.

Especially for tourists or pilgrims, Google Maps are extremely useful. Even if you do not have a tour guide by your side, you can hire taxi service and with the help of Google Maps you can visit any mosque or any place in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Souq.com:

E commerce has risen greatly over the years. Saudi Arabia is not behind any other country in this regard. In fact, people of Saudi Arabia rely greatly on online shopping apps to make their purchases. Souq.com is one of such apps. It is not just available in Saudi Arabia but throughout the Middle East making the product range and assortment much wider.

Souq has a reach of millions of customers. Being one of the most popular apps, it is widely trusted and provides a sense of security to the users. Shipping and delivery is also always on time when trading through Souq.com.

  1. Muslim Pro:

Living in the country which hosts the house of Allah, you cannot miss a prayer. Muslim Pro is a very popular app in Saudi Arabia which is a comprehensive package of religious and Islamic lifestyle elements. It updates about prayer timings around the globe to the users.

It features complete Holy Quran recitation with translations in more than 40 languages. You can listen to audio version of Holy Quran using this app. It also guides about the direction of Qibla no matter where in the world you are present. It contains a treasure of supplications that boost a Muslim’s faith and helps him earn great rewards.

  1. Najm:

Living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you cannot help get mesmerized by the tasteful collection of automobiles of the local people. They like to flash their fancy cars around the cities.

However, it must be noted that the rate of accidents is very high in Saudi Arabia where the traffic is extremely fast flowing. So one of the top 5 mobile apps that make life easier in 2019 in Saudi Arabia is Najm which is an online insurance service provider. You can report accident, make insurance inquires or even claims easily with the help of this app. This is one of the essential apps for those living in Saudi Arabia.

Mobile phone apps have made life easier for all of us. They provide relevant information within seconds. They are easy to use for everyone. They save a lot of time and energy hence render as one of the most useful innovations.

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